Cat Climber Please!

This has been on my Amazon wish list for awhile.  I for sure have to have really want this but it may have to wait until their birthdays in May.  It’s $67 here.

cat tree


Infallible authority or guide on something

Infallible authority or guide on something.  A place which divine advice or prophecy was sought.  These are definitions I found when I googled the word Oracle and for $1,999 it better be infallible.  I am speaking of my latest have to have really want.  Look at this beauty.

The Oracle

The Oracle

The Breville Oracle is like a hybrid of an automatic and manual espresso machine where you can make a delicious joe in 90 seconds.  In our garage sale last year we sold our beloved Nespresso machine for $25.  A lady showed up in a huge red Hummer at 6:30 in the morning in 18 degree weather to buy our machine.  Sadly, I miss my morning cappuccinos and my husband misses his café cubanos (espresso with a ton of sugar).  He was hoping Santa would bring him a new Nesspresso maker this year but I had to explain to him that Santa said we are a Breville family now.  Seriously, this company is like the Apple of kitchen appliances.

We have our beloved Breville Grind and Brew Coffee Maker from them.  With a touch of a button you can grind whole beans, then the grinds drop into the filter and then the coffee automatically brews.  You can brew a cup or a whole carafe.  Sorry Keurig but no more K cups for this family.  Check out this beauty here.  Then last summer we got a Breville juicer.  Seriously, these Aussie engineers are genius.  It’s so easy to use and clean.  I make juice once a week now.

So, because I would need to take out a personal loan for the Oracle I doubt we will be getting it any time soon but a girl can dream.  You should watch the video they have on their website (link below).  I was immediately seduced.  Heston had me at his hipster glasses but I have no idea what his opening line is.  I’m hearing “Coffee is one of the first things I delve into in detail after you open the fat duck.”  Any Aussies out there that can translate?  I’m lost.

Although I’m all good with delving into coffee with detail I don’t see what a fat duck has to do with anything.  Next they bring in the coffee guru, Phil, to explain the machine with amazing marketing buzz words that just roll off his tongue as if he is spontaneously inspired by the machine in front of him.  Then cue the sexy music, soft lighting and again we have hipster glasses with a black tshirt.  Brilliant!  I imagine once I buy the Oracle that Heston & Phil will join me in my kitchen tasting my first cappuccino and Heston will tell me what the heck a fat duck has to do with exceptional coffee and Phil can bring his tranquil music and slowly speak his buzzwords while I sip.

Phil the coffee guru

Phil the coffee guru

Here’s the link to the video.

My more affordable Breville have to have really want from Breville is their pizza maker. It’s on sale for $149 and it heats up to 660° and they say it replicates a brick oven.  Sadly, there is no video for this and no pizza guru.  Although I did find one on Williams Sonoma’s website here.  They could step up their video sexiness and next time get a guru with an accent please!

Breville Pizza Maker

Breville Pizza Maker

I would love to have this for the spring to make fresh veggie pizzas.

Side Note:  I love having a blog. I found my healthy chili recipe from 3 years ago. I’m going to make this for Superbowl Sunday. Check it out here.

Need these Boots

Currently there is a spending moratorium in our household because we way overspent over the holidays.  A couple of weeks ago I tried these boots on in Nordstroms and I am in love.  Seriously, I believe I think about these boots at the same rate a man thinks about sex in a day.  I’m obsessed.  I have to have really want to get these.  I just hope they are still available and discounted more than the current 33% when the moratorium is lifted.

Freebird by Steven ‘Drover’ Boot | Nordstrom