5 day Fast Forward

I did the 5 day fast forward from Cinch last week.  Sun-Thurs on Jan 9-13th.  I explained to my husband what I was doing and asked him to prepare his own meals that week so I wouldn’t be tempted.  I psyched myself up and repeated to myself, “It’s only 5 days I can do this”.  In all truthfulness I didn’t think I was going to do the 25 day diet.  I just wanted a quick fix to get off the holiday pounds and then keep on with my bad habits.  4 days into it I was amazed.  I felt lighter, had a clearer head and throughout the day I would get these bursts of energy that felt like a high.  I don’t have a scale and didn’t weigh myself but my stomach was flatter and my pants were so much looser by the end of the fast.  I was hooked.

I did make changes to the fast and also did not get approval from the author.  I am a vegetarian who doesn’t like eggs or tofu.  So I took them out and added cottage cheese and a 1 tbs a day of olive oil.  Also, after 2 days of spinach salad I couldn’t chew through that much spinach so I added arugula to the salad meal on the 3rd day.

Here’s what I ate:

  • Breakfast-coffee with skim milk & parfait with yogurt, cottage cheese, almonds, raspberries, fresh mint, cinnamon
  • Snack-parfait with yogurt, almonds, raspberries, fresh mint, cinnamon
  • Lunch-Spinach salad with arugula, raspberries, almonds dressed with olive oil and orange juice with dill or oregano
  • Smoothie with raspberries, almond butter, yogurt, fresh mint, cinnamon and little cottage cheese. 

I found day 2 & 3 the hardest and I was a little light-headed.  When I would get hungry throughout the day I would have a glass of ice tea to help the hunger.  By day 4 my cravings were gone.  I did not crave carbs, salt or sugar.  It was a great feeling and this fast helped boost my confidence and I now believe I can change my eating habits!


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