How To Turn Closet Doors into a Chalkboard

Step 1: Lightly Sand & wipe down (here is the sander on amazon:
Step 2: Prime the doors
Step 3: 2 coats of Chalkboard Paint (I used Benjamin Moore and tinted it in Wrought Iron)
Step 4: Wait 3 days for the paint to cure & prime it with white chalk then wipe down and it is ready to use!

DIY Corkboard Fail

I was at Lowes to pick up a mirror and was inspired to make my own DIY bulletin board once I saw this roll of cork for $9.  I thought it would be a great place to pin inspiring quotes and images that I could see in my home office.  I had a good idea in my head but the execution was a major DIY fail.  I found these precut pine boards that were 2 feet and 3 feet long.  The four pieces cost about $8.


I rolled out the cork and was planning out how I would do this but was rudely interrupted by these fluff balls.


I finally had it planned out and then Tag decided he looks better framed rather than this boring cork.


I already had this wood stain that I am a huge fan of!  It’s so easy to apply with hardly any mess.  It is costly at $13.


I use this sponge thingy that I found in the painting section of Lowes to apply the stain.


I had to get creative on how to dry this because it is like 20 degrees out still.  Here Chester is and I believe he thinks this is as boring as watching paint dry.


Here’s the beautiful stained boards with the cork rolled out and a huge hole caused by a cat claw by someone who will remain nameless.  This is where my plan came apart.  I either had to attach the boards and then glue on the cork or find something to stiffen up the cork and attach the wood.


Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work.  I decided to use an amazon box and super glued it to the back  of the cork and it did not whatsoever work.


In the end, I am left with stained boards, the cork is in the trash and I should have just bought a premade corkboard.  Oh well, it was fun trying to create.

I’ve been considering buying this $10 corkboard on Amazon here.  My idea is to see if I can attach my boards over the smaller, boring frame but I’m afraid I’m throwing a good $10 after a bad $17.  I think I need to find something else to do with these stained boards.