8 week 5k Training

Yesterday I finished an 8 week 5K app that I downloaded on my iPhone.  The guy is apparently a huge deal in the marathon running world.  (of which I have no clue)  His name is Jeff Galloway & he teaches running in intervals and taking lots of walking breaks to train injury free.  It works well for me as I have had 2 knee surgeries for my ACL & meniscus.

I really like the app and I had a lot of fun trying to reach the end as a goal.  I took it easy and paced myself at 14 min miles on avg with the walking and running & I had it set at 1 min run/1 min walk intervals.  Tomorrow, I’m going to start from the beginning & try to improve my time with 12 min miles & 2 min run/1 min walk intervals.  He also has an app to train for a 10K but I think that’s too much right now.  I do feel stronger in both mind & body.  I’ve always HATED running but with the intervals it’s helped me to enjoy it.  I really love to walk.

Here’s a screen shot of the app:

What I like about the app:

  • Jeff Galloway talks you through the run with tips about your posture & stride.  Also, he gives you positive affirmations like “You are getting stronger”
  • There is a lot of information on the screen.  You can see the time & the distance elapsed & remaining.  Also, there’s a visual for the intervals.  I use this on a treadmill so it’s in front of me & easy to track all of the information.
  • There is music that is set to your pace.  You can upload your own music to the app.
  • It keeps track of your history of each running session.
  • Oh, he also has a cute southern accent!