About Me

I am a vegetarian and my husband is a meatetarian.  I finished the 30 day Cinch Diet on Feb 11, 2011.  I love this way of eating and I’m looking forward to sharing it with other dieters.  Since the diet began I have not been sick once.  Not even a sniffle.  I try to stick with it at least 80% of the time now.

I also blog about my ragdoll cats, recipes, crafting (mostly fails) and other things!


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. good luck with your business. I am right there with you. I started a costum computer and web design business. so here is to succsess. 🙂 keep your head in the clouds and your feet planted on the ground and we will achiev anything. have fun

  2. Hi, found your blog because of Cinch. I saw the pictures of your beautiful Ragdolls. I had to laugh because I too have two Ragdolls. My sealpoint looks so similar to yours. I also have a bluepoint which is a bit lighter colored than yours. Aren’t they just wonderful! I love my furbabies. I was on Cinch for about 9 months and loved it. I fell off the wagon but am back on this week as I started the 5 day program. Feeling much better again and looking forward to the rewards. Enjoy your upcoming Holiday Season. Lisa

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