Yes, her body is sick and yes I stole this picture from Perez Hilton on my phone at 10:54 am.  But this is all about kale not Jen’s stripper body.  I’ve been hearing so much about kale lately especially people juicing with it (Yuck, no thank you).  I realized that I had never tried it and I had it in the back of my mind that one of these days I will venture into a kale recipe.  Then I saw this video.  Click here.

tone it up girls

It’s the girls from the tone it up show on bravo.  All these tips in their videos are great for snacks but this one stood out because I had been wanting to try this amazing nutrient dense food.  They pointed out it is a great lunch to take to work because kale is so hearty it won’t wilt with dressing on it.  So, I went out the next day and bought some prewashed kale from Trader Joes and made a kale salad!  My husband and I had it for lunch on our first day of our recent cleanse.  See here.  His was thrown together in a Ziploc with strawberries, goat cheese, sliced almonds and homemade dressing.


Then I decided to make a white bean soup with kale the next week.  I seriously love white beans and white bean soups are my favorite because they are so creamy. I googled white bean kale soup and got ideas for recipes from many sources and came up with this yummy delight.


For my husband I added Chicken sausage to my vegetarian soup.  We had grilled cheese sandwiches for a meal during one of our many snow storms here in the suburbs of Philly this winter.


Here’s the breakdown with no measurements because I just threw it together.  I used kale, carrots, shallots, onion, vegetable broth and white beans.  I admittedly go overboard am a snob about beans and refuse to use canned beans.  So these I lovingly soaked for 8 hours and then cooked for an hour like I always do.


I sautéed the carrots, shallots & onions with olive oil until soft then added the kale for a couple of minutes.


I mashed up some beans with a fork in some vegetable broth to add to the soup to help make the soup creamy.


This is a little blurry but I threw the sautéed veggies and kale along with the mashed up beans and then some more non mashed up beans in my crockpot.  I added rosemary, oregano, basil and some roasted garlic and voila delish!  The kale holds up great in soups and provides an interesting texture combined with the creamy beans.  I ate this soup for a week!


Back to Jennifer Aniston for a moment.  Apparently to get that toned stripper ready body for We’re the Millers she ate veggies, greens, lean proteins and kale.  (Sounds like my soup!)  Also, she did yoga.  And when she wanted to cheat she ate kale chips.  Huh?  Is that a typo eonline?  My cheat is chocolate cupcakes or chocolate chip cookies or even chocolate chips not kale chips.  But one cannot help looking at that picture and not be inspired.  I’m going to add kale chips to my next Trader Joes or Whole Foods shopping list.


A Trader Joe’s Find

Millions of peaches peaches for me-

Run out to your nearest Trader Joe’s and get this!  This is my favorite dried fruit.  Although, the dried mango at Whole Foods is a close second.

A Trader Joe’s Find

Oh, how I love sun-dried tomatoes.  I found these at Trader Joe’s and I buy 2 or 3 packages at a time.  Most sun-dried tomatoes come packed in oil with herbs but these are just dried so no need to worry about extra calories from the oil.

I love to throw these in salads and they taste great with goat cheese or feta cheese.  My obsession with Trader Joe’s will continue.  I’ll post some more favorites soon.  Have any of you discovered any great finds at TJ’s?

Weekly Weigh In


Weight Loss (Gain) Results-

Laura  +0.6 lbs (Goal -2lbs/week)

I have been very busy this week and I have not kept up with my blog or my diet very well. Although I take responsibility, there is one clear culprit in my weight gain.  That is the new Trader Joe’s in Kansas City.  And their accessory in this crime is none other than their dark chocolate peanut butter cups:

and dark chocolate covered pretzels:

Be warned!  They are highly addictive.  I bought these for my husband’s lunches – – at least that is what I told myself.  I’ve discovered I have no self-control when these are in the house.  I would convince myself to substitute my daily chocolate escape with a portion of one of these.  Then, before I knew it I was sitting on the couch eating 400-500 calories of these.  Other than my obsession with these yummy treats, I have been doing well on my diet and I’ve been going to the local park almost every day to walk 3 miles.  I am only up 2 lbs from my pre cruise weight in late July.  Not too bad.

Today is my birthday so I am definitely going to celebrate being 35 today, well this weekend too!  I might get a chocolate milkshake from Chic-Fil-A after my facial & mani-pedi today.  The real diet starts Labor Day.  Then I am back on track and I know not to bring anything chocolate-covered home from Trader Joe’s.  Gheeez.