Day 21: The Cinch! Diet

How delicious is this meal?  I just make the french toast and then throw a cup of whatever fruit I have on hand with some toasted nuts.  So easy!

I used crushed pineapple instead of sliced, like I usually use.  I feel like the crushed pineapples are juicier and it makes the tacos soggier.  I still enjoyed these though!

I made the vegetarian chili (meatatarian chili for hubby) & bean dip when I made my pineapple tacos for my snack.  I made extra chili so I can have it for lunch this week.  It’s one of my favorite meals as a vegetarian.

I didn’t take a picture of the bean dip but we had that before the big game as an appetizer.  I put out chips for my husband and I had the perfectly measured and perfectly chopped red peppers & 5 celery sticks.

During the game we had the chili and it’s such a large portion that I could not finish it.

This was SO, SO good and I’m glad I made enough for the whole week.  Again, these are enormous mugs so it’s hard to tell how much food this really is.  I kept the beans separate to avoid them getting mushy.  When I make a bowl I measure out 1/2 cup of the beans and add them to the chili. 

I loved how I can make a healthy meal with all whole foods for what is typically a pizza, wings & nachos kind of night.  I really enjoyed the game.  Since we are now Midwesterners I chose to root for the winning team.  I wasn’t too impressed with the commercials or the half time show.  I thought those would be the most exciting parts of the game for me.  Not so much.  I did enjoy the Glee girl sing in the beginning.

Only 4 days left & it will be 30 days on the Cinch Diet!


Day 15: The Cinch! Diet

  • Cappuccino with skim milk, Dark Chocolate Oatmeal (P. 101)
  • Chickpea & Red Quinoa Lettuce Wraps (P. 134)
  • Piece of Chocolate
  • Turkey & Wild Rice-Stuffed Peppers (P. 125)
  • Pineapple Avocado Tacos (P. 110)
  • 30 minutes walking on the treadmill

Oh my, oh my, oh my…dark chocolate oatmeal is just so decadent in the morning.  I took a cup of water with 1/4 cup of dry oats and simmered it for 10 minutes then added ghiradelli chocolate chips.  I didn’t have any yogurt so I ate the oatmeal with brie & raspberries sprinkled with cinnamon for my fruit & protein puzzle pieces.

I’m now plotting some way to make every meal with chocolate.  It’s easy with the fruit but I’ll have to give some serious consideration to the best way to mix chocolate with vegetables.

I had the leftovers from the day before for the lettuce wraps and had those again today.  For dinner, I made my husband the turkey stuffed peppers and for me I subbed out monterey jack cheese for the turkey.  This was so good.  I didn’t have celery so I used extra onion & carrot.  After the fast forward I had had my fill of spinach and only put a little in the mix.  But with olive oil and the sweet sauteed onion and carrots it was really good.  My veggie peppers are on the left and my mix really cooked down.

The pineapple avocados are becoming my favorite.  The sweet of the pineapple and the saltiness of the feta is so good together.  I made my husband 2 of them as well last night but added some grilled chicken for him.  He also enjoyed both meals last night but I do have to let you know, he’s really not picky.

I’m going to try and write a 2 week recap today.  Hopefully, I don’t lose electricity during the blizzard.

Day 10: The Cinch! Diet

  • Cappuccino with skim milk, Fruity Waffle Sundae (Shape Blog )
  • Pineapple Avocado Tacos (P. 110)
  • Piece of Dark chocolate
  • Black Bean Tacos with Cilantro-Jalapeno Guacamole (P. 133)
  • Cinnamon Walnut Apple Crisp (P. 107)
  • 45 minutes walking on the treadmill

I did a lot of repeats today to get rid of leftovers.  I’ve had a lot of tacos in the past 10 days but I’m really enjoying the corn tortillas.  I’ve never had them before and have always used flour tortillas.  Also, I really like avocado & all of the tacos call for them.  Here’s my Pineapple Avocado Tacos.  I found these canned pinapples from Whole Foods.  This is the best canned pineapple I’ve ever had.  One can is enough for 6 Tacos.  It has just the pineapple in it’s juice & nothing else.

I made the black bean tacos for the first time.  I do not care for canned beans.  If you have time use dried beans.  Here’s a tip:  Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water with the beans when you soak them overnight.  Also, when you boil the beans add a bay leaf.  The baking soda really softens the skins of the beans and the bay leaf adds some depth of flavor.

I enjoyed the black beans but I modified the recipe.

I was on the phone with my sister (Hi Cindy!) and then realized it was almost 6 and I had to make dinner.  I mashed up the beans with cumin.  I mixed the avocado with store bought fresh salsa, lime juice & cilantro.  Then I topped it with shredded lettuce.  My husband got cheese on his 3 tacos.

I had to make the Cinnamon Walnut Apple Crisp again.  My husband smelled it the night before and really wanted it.  So I made 2 of them.  I sprinkled sugar on his.

I did 45 minutes on the treadmill to work off the extra chocolate from the day before.

I might have to make the popcorn tonight for a snack.  I’m excited for the Real Housewives Beverly Hills reunion.  I love the drama!

Day 7: The Cinch! Diet

  • Cappuccino with skim milk, Zesty Cranberry Walnut Parfait (P. 97)
  • Pineapple Avocado Tacos (P. 110)
  • Dark Chocolate Truffle
  • Wild Rice & Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Citrus Slaw (P. 122)
  • Spicy Avocado Tostadas (P. 119)
  • Took the day off from exercising!

So, it occurred to me that a cappuccino with skim milk won’t be that bad.  We have this awesome Nesppresso machine that froths the milk with a touch of the button.  So, a touch of sugar and cinnamon and what a delicious coffee.  Yum.

I remade the Zesty Cranberry Walnut Parfait with quick rolled oats (I mistakenly used uncooked steel cut oats before).  It was OK.  The waffle and french toast are my favorite breakfast so far.

I made a new recipe, the Pineapple Avocado Tacos.  It was really easy to make.  The first bite was odd because the pineapple was so sweet.  As I continued to eat it I really enjoyed the sweet pineapple and salty feta.  I also had iced tea with the citrus and mint ice cubes.  YUM!

For dinner, I threw together what I had.  I went through the book to try to find something to  use some leftovers.  I came across the Lettuce Wraps.  I had leftover cooked brown rice and WG penne in the fridge.  So I substituted the chicken and rice with kidney beans and penne pasta for my vegetarian version.  Next time, I will use chickpeas & wild rice.  My husband got the original recipe.  I really enjoyed this.  It was so different from anything I’ve made before.  You have citrus slaw with a slight onion taste and the mustard flavor of the beans and pasta.  I love using romaine lettuce for lettuce wraps.  I had never done that before.  Just iceberg with PF Changs veggie wraps.  I’ll probably try to tweak a vegetarian version of this.

I ate the Spicy Avocado Tacos for a late dinner.  This is becoming my favorite dish.  I’ve had it a lot this week!

I decided to be lazy this Sunday and skip exercise.  Back to it on Monday!