Slim Down Now

slim down now

It’s been awhile!  There’s been a new book (here’s a link on Amazon)…the plan is okay but I have done the dark chocolate pulse pudding cleanse many times.  My husband and I call it “the bean pudding diet”.  I also tried a few recipes that I liked.  I’ve been busy with moving and real estate and haven’t had time to update this blog.  You can check out what I’ve been up to at my youtube channel Here

Great CBS Report on Sugar

Cynthia Sass posted this video on her facebook page.  Take some time and watch this important report on how sugar effects your health.  Click the link below:

CBS Report

My big takeaways:

-Sugar is hidden in all of our processed foods.  Ok, I learned this from the Cinch Sass Diet.

-We used to get our sugar in small amounts of fruit.  The sugar in fruit is balanced out by the fiber & slows consumption.  Now, with refined sugar, we are overindulging in large amounts of sugar without the fiber.  Not good.

-During the fat free craze companies took out the fat & it tasted like cardboard so they pumped the fat free foods with sugar.  This reminds me of those snackwell cookies I used to love to eat in the early 90’s.  My favorite were the Devil’s Food Cookies.  Look at the nutritional info here.  First ingredient is sugar, third ingredient is high fructose corn syrup and they have 0 fat.  It is like eating a sugary piece of cardboard.

-Diet is so important.  Sugar may be adding to major diseases or even causing some.

-Sugar is addictive.  Again, I learned this from the Cinch Sass Diet.

At the end of the report it says it’s sponsored by Pfizer.  Huh?  Why is a report on the health industry sponsored by a drug company?  That’s odd.  Beyond that complaint this was great information.