Cleanse Day Three


Results from our 3 day cleanse:

  • My husband lost 4.5 lbs
  • I lost 5.4 lbs

Woohoo!  That is an average of 1.8 lbs a day for me.  I lost 3.6 lbs on Day 1.  I lost 0.8 lbs on Day 2.  I lost 1 lb on Day 3.  I think my husband didn’t lose as much because he was left to his own to make a couple of his meals and he has never read the Sass book.  We finished our cleanse on Sunday night and I worked all day Sunday and fell asleep early so I just got 3 meals into the day and my husband made himself a Mexican salad while I was working.

Here were our four meals:

Breakfast:  Cottage cheese with pineapple, blueberries and almonds seasoned with Vietnamese cinnamon and vanilla extract.

Lunch:  Strawberry goat cheese salad with almonds, parmesan cheese and homemade balsamic vinaigrette.

Dinner:  I skipped this meal and my husband made his own salad.

Snack:  Strawberry, blueberry, banana smoothie with avocado and Vietnamese cinnamon, vanilla extract, yogurt and milk.

We woke up early Monday morning and worked out.  As soon as we got back, the coffee was set to brew and I popped 2 beautiful slices of fresh whole grain bread from Whole foods into the toaster.  I couldn’t wait to have a crunchy, warm slice of bread and it didn’t disappoint.  I put a little olive oil on it and topped it with a slice of smoked gouda cheese and had some fresh pineapple as well.  I relished every single bite of it!


I love eating the 4 small meals spaced throughout the day.  It really does fuel you and we both felt a difference in our energy levels.  It’s just a lot of work preparing 4 meals a day completely from scratch.  Overall, we were both very happy with our weekend cleanse and the true test will be to see if the cleanse weight loss stays off until Friday.  I have 3 more lbs to go to get back to my pre Thanksgiving day weight.  Damn you holiday wine, cheese and desserts!  I better be good this week too.  We have a reservation at my favorite Italian restaurant Friday night for our anniversary/Valentine day celebration.


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