Mediterranean Feta Salsa

Christmas Eve I was dropping a small fortune shopping at Whole Foods for our Christmas night get together at our place.  Of course they had samples out to try and no doubt will end with me adding 20% more to my grocery cart and this beauty was one of those samples.  Mediterranean Feta Salsa!  One word:  Dill.  Okay more words:  Feta, sundried tomatoes, kalamata olives.  This stuff is amazing.  Kerry came to visit the day after Christmas and I had some left over.  She literally shoveled it in her mouth until it was done.


I went back last week and picked up another tub of this heavenly salsa.  I used it as a topping for a delish salad.  I made a simple mustard vinaigrette and added celery, carrots and peppadew peppers.  Then topped it with a little parmesan cheese.  Side note:  next time you are in Whole Foods pick up some mild peppadew peppers.  So amazing.  I found them on amazon here.  But they seem really expensive.  I’ll have to check how much they were at Whole Foods.



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