I lost 3 lbs in 1 day

Woohoo! I stuck religiously to the Cinch cleanse on my first day. Last night my stomach had shrunk so much I had to jump on the scale this morning. I know most know it alls experts say don’t weigh yourself everyday but I couldn’t help it. The scale was down 3 lbs in 24 hrs this morning!

Did anyone catch My 600 lb life last night on TLC? Check it out here. It follows people who weigh over 600 lbs for 7 years & their journey as they get gastric bypass surgery. Last night they followed Melissa. It was quite an emotional journey. It was amazing to watch her get her life & self confidence back. When she had lost about half her weight she said something that made me tear up. “I love life. I really feel it’s a shame I have to sleep.” She said it with such joy & pride that it was powerful. Here she is before & after:

I just found it flipping through TV last night & got sucked in. She’s an amazing woman.

I have 2 more days of cleansing. Let’s hope the next 3 lbs come off just as easy!


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