Healthy Eating Out – Seasons 52

It’s rare that my husband and I REALLY love the same restaurant.  He loves seafood, steak & potatoes.  And, I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like mushrooms.  (Seriously, have you ever driven within 5 miles of a mushroom farm?  The smell…ugh)

We both love Seasons 52.  It just came to Kansas City a couple of months ago.  It’s a restaurant where they promise that each dish is under 475 calories!  They use fresh, seasonal ingredients with healthy cooking methods to keep calories down.  Not only do they focus on healthy, fresh food but they have a separate vegetarian & vegan menu!!!

The vegan menu is on the opposite page that is not shown.  I’ve tried about 5 different dishes and my favorite is the Housemade Sonoma Goat Cheese Ravioli.  It’s really a perfect dish.  The pasta is delicate, the goat cheese creamy & the grilled bread has a wonderful charred taste to it & I use it to sop up the organic tomato broth.

It really is such a treat as a vegetarian to have so many choices.  I’m always so disappointed when there is no vegetarian dish on the menu at restaurants.  Then, when the chef says he’ll make something for you it comes out with pasta, a ton of garlic & rubbery vegetables with no flavor.  Seasons 52 did such a great job for both a vegetarian & a seafood lover.  My husband loves their Ahi Tuna & Scallops.  In fact, the 4 times we have been he has gotten those 2 dishes every time.

Check out their website here.  It may even inspire you to try and cook their dishes at home.


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