Today is the Day!

The future begins now!  I weighed in first thing this morning and now I am eating a nonfat yogurt with a sliced banana, sliced almonds, vanilla extract & nutmeg for breakfast.  Of course, the entire bowl has no sugar & no salt.  My husband & I are enjoying our last day of holiday vacation together.  Ok, not so much.  He’s playing video games & I’m reading The Hunger Games.  (I’m halfway through it and I had a nightmare last night about surviving in a post apocalyptic world where the police are after us)

So, I gained another pound over the weekend.  My last meal last night was cheese fries & I’m sure they had something to do with it.  They were SO amazing.  So, now my goal is 21 lbs to lose.  If I hit my goal then I get $1050, at $50 a pound, to go on a shopping spree. Really I think that is only right to increase it since sales tax in Kansas City is almost 10%.

My sister Kerry tried to weigh in but her scale broke and it says she weighs 106 lbs.  Well, that’s her story and she’s sticking to it.  That’s about the size of a Snookie I believe.  Speaking of, there’s this app I found called Snookify Me.  Instead of me explaining it this really says all there is to say:

I want a pickle!


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