My 2012 goal – $1050 for 21 pounds


Wow, it’s been almost a year since I started Cinch and started this blog.  It’s been an amazing year that just flew by.  I lost about 20 lbs on Cinch and I’ve gained back about 8 since Thanksgiving.

My husband & I had an overindulgent Thanksgiving, then we went on vacation the first week of December & then we had an overindulgent Christmas.  In between all of this fun and deliciousness I did hit the treadmill and try to keep my meals Cinchy.  If not for that I would have gained 15 pounds for sure.

So, my husband and I did our budget last night for the next 6 months.  I explained to him how I need to invest in a new wardrobe.  For the past 3 years I’ve, for the most part, been buying clothes from Target.  When I splurge I get out of season clothes with a ton of coupons from Macy’s.  I originally proposed a $5000 shopping spree (like they give on TLC’s What Not to Wear) but that was negotiated down to $1000 (updated to $1050).  I have a new goal this year to start me off right.  I lose 20 lbs (updated to 21 lbs) and hit my goal weight) and I get to go indulge in a shopping bonanza!!!

Visual Motivation-My plan is to print out some of my favorite outfits from Nordstrom. I love me some BCBG too.  I will tape them to the fridge and next to my treadmill.  This will be my motivation.

Eating Plan-I’m skipping the 5 day fast forward and just starting the Cinch diet on Monday Jan 2nd.  The first week I am going to cut out whole grains from my meals as much as possible so I get great results.  I’m thinking soups, salads, yogurt smoothies & yogurt parfaits.

Exercise Plan-A couple of months ago I downloaded a running app on my iPhone.  It’s Jeff Galloway’s Easy 5K.  It’s interval running 3 times a week without pushing yourself too hard.  I’m on week 4 and I love it.  It’s like having a personal coach with you and having a plan with a goal keeps my mind active which helps keep me motivated.

So, that’s it!  Easy enough & it just requires discipline.  Just like a budget, you have to keep your spending under control so you don’t go into debt & can save money.  With an eating plan I’m hoping to keep my eating under control so I don’t gain weight & I can actually lose weight.

The first weigh in begins Monday…

Some inspiration…

I just watched Just Go With It last night.  Look at Jennifer Aniston’s body.

If that’s not inspiration I don’t know what is.  SHE’S 42!!!

I love resort wear & anything nautical:


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