Plaza Art Fair

The 80th Annual Plaza Art Fair in Kansas City is so far my favorite event since we moved to Kansas City a year ago.  We do live within walking distance so that adds to the appeal. My husband & I went down there Saturday night and then I went down and got lunch on Sunday when he had to work.

The streets are closed down and packed all weekend.  There are a lot of tiny & massive dogs weaving through the heavy crowds.  It was a cool 70 degree weekend so all the pretty women were in full force with their tall, fall boots.  With 3 stages there was not many places where you couldn’t hear live music.  At any time during the day you could look up and see at least one escaped red balloon flying in the air.  While we were chowing down on chips & salsa, we counted 7 on Saturday night.  There was of course…art.  They had photography that looked like paintings & paintings that looked like photography.  I saw beautiful scarves & sweaters.  The artisan jewelry booths seemed to always be packed.

Then, there was the food & drinks.  Yum!  Saturday night we hit up a lot of restaurant booths.  It reminded me a lot of Disney’s Epcot with the quality of the food and the creativeness in the booth design.  Check out Brio’s booth:

Now, to the food.  There were a lot of vegetarian items for me.  Well, I had low expectations being in a city where BBQ is king.  I was SO excited to try a dish that combined 2 of my favorite foods:  french fries & gouda cheese.  Blanc Burgers (website here) had just that dish.  It said on the menu that they were Gouda Fries.  Man, were these delicious and I pretty much unattractively shoveled them in.

As I was chowing down I saw specs of what looked to be red pepper in the cheese sauce.  I checked the website and the official name of this side dish:  Smoked Gouda Cheese Fries + Bacon.  Clearly, as a vegetarian I don’t dig on swine.  I’ve learned my lesson.  When eating street food be sure to always ask if an item is vegetarian.  I did really still enjoy these.

My next stop was a new Mexican restaurant opening soon on the Plaza, Zocalo.

They had a vegetarian taco but I really wanted their Guacamole.  I chose wisely!

The chips, salsa, guacamole were all delicious.  Especially washed down with the Dos Equis. Then, we got their Patron Margaritas and I am officially very excited for this place to open! One of the best margaritas I’ve had.

Next, we hit up the Starker’s booth.  Starkers is a fabulous restaurant and I love eating there.  Check out their website here.  I got their fried green tomatoes which I really enjoyed.  The breading was not too heavy or greasy and it paired well with the tartness of the tomatoes.  The sauce was a creole remoulade.  I also had the vegetarian gumbo from Starkers which I was so excited for —  Big disappointment.  I took a couple of bites and threw it out.  It could be that Louisiana creole cooking has never catered to vegetarians so I’m not used to the flavors.  Usually, their rice & beans have some sort of animal fat in them so even they are not safe.  Perhaps I’ll have to try and find a recipe to make it myself. Finally, I got Creole Beignets for dessert from Starkers as well.

These were delicious but I could only have one.  I found them a bit dry.  I would have preferred to have a fruit sauce or a glaze with them.  I wish I had gone with the fondue from the melting pot instead for dessert.  Next year.  We also had delicious red sangria but I cannot remember which booth it was from.

I really wish that they had events like these more often on the plaza or even downtown.  It was fantastic and I will know for next year to go every day to make sure I try everything & to double check for bacon!

I leave you with this serene view of a couple enjoying a romantic gondola ride on Brush Creek during the Art Fair.


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