Invisalign…after 2 months

I just put in my 6th tray last night for my invisalign.  My 2 front teeth have made dramatic progress and it seems are approximately halfway there to straightening out.  My teeth are crowded and the 2 front teeth have been overlapping.  The straightening is now noticeable (even by the hubster)!

During the 2nd week of invisalign my top tray broke.  There was a crack in it and it was annoying me.  It was 2 days before I was leaving for my cruise.  I went in and the dr. said he had never had that happen before and just to skip to the next set of trays.

The cruise was such a pain to have invisalign.  It did keep me from snacking.  It did not keep me from eating my 6 meals a day though.  Every time I ate I would go back to my room to floss, brush and put the trays back in.  Luckily, our room had a great location – – no poop deck.

I am getting used to invisalign but it is a pain.  Every time I switch to new trays I am in pain and take lots of advil for 2 days.  It makes me tired also.  I do put them in after dinner so that way most of the pain is while I’m sleeping & I hope to sleep it off.  The pain must be because my teeth are crowded.  I’ve read other blogs about invisalign and most people feel only slight discomfort.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed one of my buttons were missing.  Ugh, how gross.  You know that I swallowed it.  I had to go back in and have them attach another.  I hope the remaining 9 months go smoothly.


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