Beans & Rice – Rice & Beans

I just discovered Dave Ramsey…how did it take this long?  Anyways, he talks about paying off debt and living off of beans & rice – rice & beans to help to achieve that goal.  Not bad advice for your wallet and your waist!  It’s one of my favorite lunches.  Beans are such a filling lean protein that leaves me feeling full until dinner.  Also, I can make a lot and portion it out for a quick lunch or dinner.  It tastes just as good microwaved the next day.

This is so, so easy.  I know it’s hard to see but I promise you there is rice under there.

  • Produce:  1/2 cup of fresh salsa
  • Whole Grain: 1/2 cup of brown rice
  • Lean Protein:  1/2 cup of beans (I like pinto or black); cheddar cheese
  • Plant Based Fat:  1 tablespoon EVOO
  • SASS:  Mexican Salt free herbs, Ground cumin, Chipotle tabasco hot sauce, fresh cilantro, black pepper

I always soak my dry beans overnight and cook them fresh.  [Here’s a tip:  Put a teaspoon of baking soda in the water with the beans when you soak them overnight.  Also, when you boil the beans add a bay leaf.  The baking soda really softens the skins of the beans and the bay leaf adds some depth of flavor.]  I don’t like the taste of canned beans so I always do this.  You will need to plan ahead if you do this as well.

Cook your rice and beans.  Take your 1/2 cup of beans and add the mexican herbs, cumin & pepper.  Mix the 1/2 cup of rice with the 1/2 cup of salsa & olive oil.  Top with beans and I always add some cheese.  If you add cheese cut back on the beans.  Top with fresh cilantro & hot sauce.  Yum!!!

Here’s Dave Ramsey’s website –  He’s awesome!


8 thoughts on “Beans & Rice – Rice & Beans

  1. This is a great article. I know I could use to save some $. I have not used dry beans that much and when I did I mucked it up, however I imagine they are healthier. The simple idea of putting salsa with the beans sounds tasty. Keep the good work up 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for sharing.I really enjoy reading your blog,I am pretty new to the cinch diet, your blog has helped me with meal and snack idea’s.Keep up the great work and thanks again

    • Thanks for letting me know Bonnie. My blog helps keep me on track. I’m glad some of it has helped. Let me know how you are doing. It’s been 7 months since reading Cinch and it’s second nature now! Good luck.

  3. Thanks.I just ord the book online today.I was getting a lot of my info off line and I read the e-book for cinch. ,but i thought it was best if I bought the book,to help me with some of the questions I have.I will check in with you again after I read the book.

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