Running Podcasts

I needed a change from running on my treadmill, even with all of the great reality TV on my DVR. We live blocks away from the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City. It is this beautiful, Spanish style outdoor shopping area built in the 1920’s from some famous dead architect. You can find their website here for a more accurate description. It’s beautiful with parks, fountains, art, high end shops and high end restaurants –and a few low end.

They have 2 great parks in walking distance from my house and I decided in this gorgeous weather I need to take advantage of them. There is a park with a one mile running/walking track. Then there is Loose Park, a gorgeous 75 acre park with a rose garden, rolling hills, Japanese tea room, a lake, arboretum & some battle from history occurred there. Again, for a more accurate description, here.

I decided to try out some running podcasts on my iPhone which are FREE! Have you all tried any? I downloaded a 27 minute couch to 5K on my iPhone and did week 1. You can find their website here. There is music and he talks you through walking and running in intervals. I listened to this while I ran/walked around the one mile track. Other than the homeless men hollering at me it was so lovely and look what I get to walk around while I cool down after my workout:

The other podcast I like for longer runs is 42 minutes and it is Gateway to 8K. She is very sweet with a nice voice and she plays 90’s hip hop, which I LOVE! No kidding, this is her website:

I tried this podcast at the larger Loose Park. The scenery is beautiful!

At the end of my workout I walk up these beautiful steps to get up the steep hill to go home:


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