Weekly Weigh In

This is our 8th weigh in for our 10 week weigh in.

Weight Loss Results-Week 8

  • Laura +0.6 lbs  (Goal:  2 lbs/week)
  • Kerry WITHHELD (Goal:  2.5 lbs/week)
  • Cindy  +1.0 lbs  (Goal:  5.0 lbs/week)

Well, I didn’t do too well this week and neither did my sisters.  My husband & I celebrated Christmas in July with a Turkey dinner and a full spread of sides and desserts on Saturday.

I spent about 6 hours cooking everything homemade.  So that means as a vegetarian I had a full carb meal of mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing, creamed corn, roll & pumpkin pie with whipped cream.  Also, too many drinks.  Spiked hot cider and then wine with dinner.  Here is our decorated Charlie Brown Christmas in July Tree:

Then I had leftovers on Sunday.  Also, I cooked most dishes with high fat butter & heavy cream.  Yikes.  I did really well the other 5 days on the Cinch diet so I can’t imagine how many calories were consumed/drank over the weekend.  It’s amazing how much damage you can do with just 2 meals.  Again, it’s so easy to pack on the pounds.

My sister Kerry (single mother of 3) did not have a good week emotionally and her go-to solution for stress and frustration is overeating & even occasionally secretly binging.  We just had a long conversation on the phone about it.  It sucks because while you are overeating you have a complete F*** you attitude and go overboard.  Then you hate yourself after.

She has the confidence to know that she has the strength to make better decisions because she has lost a lot of weight before.  Habits are a very hard thing to break and I think that is what all 3 of us are working hard to correct.  Breaking the old habits where food is the center of the universe.  I would like food to be a more disciplined aspect of my life where I use it for mostly health & not only for reward & joy.  So, at the end of the day Kerry could not emotionally get on the scale this week.  I completely understand.  She needs to forget last week and work on her confidence that she can do this.

Cindy has lost about a total of 30 lbs on the HCG diet.  She says that she just got comfortable with the weight lost she has had.  So her relaxed attitude kind of slowed her down this week and she ended gaining a pound.

On to this week and a more successful and healthy week!  I started it out right with a delicious Mango Smoothie this morning!  I know we can do this!


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. Laura,
    I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009 and I found my motto to be something Dori said from the movie Finding Nemo…goes something like this… “You know what you got to do when life gets you down… Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming swimming swimming.” Life challenges us with hurdles and obstacles making us emotional but we just got to keep going. No need looking back, just press forward. Im faced with trying to lose baby weight that I gained when I was pregnant and Ive been depressed about it but I know I just got to keep working at it even when Im down. I just started another (slight) detox and I think leaving whole grains out of my meals for a few days will work. Just try to remember what Cynthia Sass tells us in the book and be strong. I wish you and your sisters the best of luck. Just remember not to look back and keep moving forward.
    Happy Cinching!

  2. Wow, Angela. I hope everything is better for you and your health. I love that motto. My husband actually sings it to me when I get whiny. Which is a lot around him! That’s so funny you said that. I love what you said. I will text it to my sister now.

    I try to cut out the whole grains from my meals with fruits and then add them in if I get hungry. There are just some days you need a sprouted slice of bread with a slice of cheese. At least, it’s not a cheesecake or milkshake!

    I don’t have kids so I don’t know how that is but I have 8 nieces & nephews and I know how emotional my sisters were after giving birth. They definitely had the baby blues. Good luck with the detox. I found summertime is easier because the lightness feels good. It’s been 100 degrees all week in Kansas City.

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