Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Whole Foods had these beautiful organic cherries on sale. I have never bought fresh cherries before but their color was this beautiful deep red & hey they were on sale.

I didn’t have a fancy cherry pitter so I used a paring knife and chopped up 1 cup of the cherries and put them in a blender. Then I chopped up some dark chocolate.

Here’s the recipe:

  • Produce: 1 cup cherries
  • Whole Grain: skipped
  • Lean Protein: 2 oz of 2% milk; 4 oz of nonfat yogurt (I like Stonyfield)
  • Plant-based fat: 1/4 cup dark chocolate (I like Lindt)
  • SASS: Vietnamese cinnamon, vanilla extract, ice
  • Put all ingredients in a blender and leave some shaved dark chocolate out to top the smoothie. I use a mix of milk & yogurt when I make my smoothies because I mostly use frozen fruit and the milk helps the blender blend it up and the milk cuts down on the sourness.

    This was so delicious and the cherries were so sweet. With the chocolate this tasted like dessert. I will definitely be using cherries again.


3 thoughts on “Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

  1. Oh my it sounds heavenly! Thank you so much for the recipe! Today I made the Pasta Primavera Penne and used coconut oil. Wow! First time using it and I’m sold. Loved it! This Cinch stuff sure is fun!

  2. I would have never thought of pairing coconut oil with Italian. I’ll have to give it a try. I agree it is fun. You learn a lot about not only nutrition but new ways of cooking too! My spice rack is very full.

  3. I didnt think it would go well either but …It went great with the veggies and since its not such a strong taste it was actually good. 😉

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