Weekly Weigh In

This is our 7th weigh in for our 10 week weigh in.

Weight Loss Results-Week 7

  • Laura 0.0 lbs (Goal: 2 lbs/week)
  • Kerry -7.4 lbs (Goal: 2.5 lbs/week)
  • Cindy -3.0 (Goal: 5.0 lbs/week)
I actually have an excuse for my goose egg of a result. I have had terrible PMS symptoms the past 3 days. Although, my husband may have a more descriptive adjective if you were to ask him. When he didn’t offer to get me a drink when he went to the kitchen on Sunday I actually started crying and called him selfish. Wow – EMOTIONAL. I then decided to pout upstairs until he came to apologize. Such a Diva! Oh well, he did apologize and cleaned the kitchen twice without being asked. It’s amazing what men will do to stop a woman from crying. I was such a She-Devil.

I googled water retention during your period and found an article on the Mayo Clinic’s website here. Basically, they say they think it’s hormones that causes it and you need to reduce your salt, exercise some and eat your veggies to help get rid of the excess water. I went on about 5 message boards that came up on the search and many women report seeing a 4-10 lb gain on the scale right before their periods. I had no idea. I felt like I should have seen a 1-2 lb loss this week so I’m blaming it on Aunt Flow.

Kerry finally saw the scale move in a very big way. She spent the past 2 weekends in Disney with her kids. I believe cupcakes and caramel apples were a daily indulgence. So this past week she got back on track and also was sick for a couple days and didn’t eat much.

Cindy has 2 more weeks left on her HCG diet. I’m trying to convince her to read Cinch and give it a try. She doesn’t feel she will get the results she wants like she’s been getting with HCG. I bet she would lose 10 lbs on the Fast Forward Phase.

I have no idea why this blog post is so wonky. This great blogger who blogs about blogs has been trying to help me but I have no idea what HTML is. So as soon as I have time to study up on it I should be able to figure out why this post is so font schizophrenic. Here’s the great blogger that blogs about blogs – here.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh In

  1. Oh boy I sure know what you mean by “emotional”. I’m 3 months postpartum and awaiting Aunt Flow… She’s not going to be nice I’m sure so I hope I’m down more lbs when she arrives. At least chocolate is in the plan. I bought some coconut oil but I’m nor sure what to make with it except for truffles. Do you have any cinch related recipes to share?

    • Angela,

      I LOVE the coconut oil. I had never cooked with it before. I use it to pop the popcorn for the cranberry popcorn snack and also it is the oil I use to stir fry veggies and also chicken for my husband when I make stir fry. It adds another layer of flavor I had never thought of before this diet.

      Hopefully the healthy diet will help with the postpartum hormonal times! I went for a run today and feel better emotionally already.


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