The Chipotle Cinch Meal: made at home

I love Chipotle but I believe I prefer the homemade version better.  The author, Cynthia Sass, recommends in her book the Vegetarian Fajita Burrito Bowl at Chipotle for dining out on page 152.  I realized that I had the ingredients for most of it at home — I didn’t have the pepper and onions.

I had corn on the cob and grilled it on my indoor grill and I had black beans in my fridge from a previous recipe.  I used salsa, lettuce, avocado & threw a little cumin and dried cilantro on there.  I could probably eat this everyday.


3 thoughts on “The Chipotle Cinch Meal: made at home

  1. I’m enjoying your site as well. I started reading Rocky Top Rebecca’s blog last week and was so motivated. I found yours last night. Great info. Thank you! I just finished the Cinch Fast Forward… I loved the book and can’t wait to try all the recipes. Yayyyy!

    • That’s so exciting. There are challenges but if you are patient with yourself I think it will change how you eat forever! Keep me updated on how you are doing.

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