Grilled Veggie Salad

I made this for dinner tonight.  It was so delicious I had to share.

  • Produce:  Asparagus, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Mixed Greens
  • Whole Grain:  Whole grain bread
  • Lean Protein:  Feta Cheese
  • Plant-based fat: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • SASS: Salt free pizza spices, 5 leaves fresh basil, Black pepper, aged balsamic vinegar
Peel & chop the cucumber into larger chunks, chop tomatoes and cut off the stems of the asparagus.  Mix all the veggies (except asparagus) with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, feta cheese, basil & pepper.  Set aside to marinate.  Heat up your grill to medium.  Brush bread and asparagus with the olive oil and the salt free pizza spices and grill up the bread until there are grill marks and the asparagus until they are slightly crispy and tender.  Cut up the bread into chunks and toss the bread with the veggies, asparagus and put everything over a bed of greens.  
This is so delicious.  You can taste the grill marks on the bread, it adds so much flavor & I love the warmth of the bread on the salad.

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