Tuesday Weekly Weigh In

This is our 4th weigh in for our 10 week weigh in. 

Weight Loss Results-Week 3:

  • Laura   +0.6 lbs    (Goal: 2 lb/week)
  • Kerry   -1.0 lbs   (Goal: 2.5 lb/week)
  • Cindy   she was moving this week and didn’t weigh herself.

Kerry lost a pound again this week!  Slow & steady wins the race.

I gained for the first time but it was small.  Last week I lost so much from being sick so I didn’t expect much this week.  I went off my diet on Sunday and had pizza, popcorn & a coke.  I didn’t think it would affect my weight that much because I did so well the rest of the week with food & exercise.  Guess I was wrong.

I have retired my jeans I’ve been wearing for the past 18 months.  I wore them last Friday to run errands and they were so baggy and falling past my hips.  Accomplishments like that keep me going & hitting the treadmill everyday.  I’m back in my skinny Calvin Klein jeans from 2 years ago (I was in them for about 2 months).  I have a shelf in my closet with my skinny clothes in a pile waiting for me!


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