Tuesday Weekly Weigh In

This is our 3rd weigh in for our 10 week weigh in. 

Weight Loss Results-Week 3:

  • Laura   -2.4 lbs    (Goal: 2 lb/week)
  • Kerry   -1.0 lbs   (Goal: 2.5 lb/week)
  • Cindy   -5.0 lbs    (Goal: 5 lb/week)

Kerry lost a pound this week!  She did it without exercising which is very difficult to do.  So she did very well with her eating.

My weight loss is off this week.  I came down with what I think was food poisoning Monday night and was sick and I did not eat for 24 hrs.  I couldn’t even keep water down.  I’ve recovered and definitely hit more than my weight loss goal this week with help from my sickness.  I imagine this week won’t be as stellar.

Cindy lost another 5 lbs while starting a new job which is hard to do.  She is still on the HCG diet.


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