Tuesday Weekly Weigh In

This is our 2nd weigh in for our 10 week weigh in.  My sisters and I have decided not to hit up Vegas and do a cruise instead.  So Grand Cayman & Mexico here we come!

Weight Loss Results-Week 2:

  • Laura   -1.4 lbs    (Goal: 2 lb/week)
  • Kerry   +1.5 lbs   (Goal: 2.5 lb/week)
  • Cindy   -5.0 lbs    (Goal: 5 lb/week)

Cindy did great great and hit her goal.  Kerry did good during the week (she texted me a pic of the veggies she was eating).  Then I got a video from her son that they were out partying up with friends this past weekend.  So blame it on the al-al-alcohol.

I did pretty well.  I made homemade pizza this weekend with a wheat crust but didn’t stick to the portion size.  I also went out for drinks with a friend on Saturday.  But I did choose these delicous 84 calorie cosmos.  The scale is making it very clear to me how disciplined you need to be every day to see the results every week.


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