Do we need Rehab for sugar?

… sugar also activates areas in the brain that reinforce behaviors. This means that — similarly to a heroin addiction — your body learns to want and need more of the substance that makes it feel good.

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I loved this article and how it created a clear picture in my head how seriously sugar can & does affect your body. So the question left was– should we go cold turkey or is rehab needed for an addiction to sugar?

Thinking about the question today I can really look back at the 5 day fast forward from the Cinch diet as a rehab. It gave me 5 days to cleanse my body of all the sugar & salt I was blindly eating. It primed me and got me ready for a clean & healthy diet. If you were to go cold turkey without wrapping your head around why you needed to cut drastically back on the sugar I’m not sure it would work. It’s doing the HOW without understanding the WHY of the issue.

Sugar has very serious and harmful effects on your body. After reading Cinch and now after “mostly” eating a healthy & clean diet for 5 months I’ve realized how much of our food has sugar in it.  I recently bought some canned tomato paste that looked healthy. I looked at the label when I got home:


IT HAS SUGAR. UGH. I don’t need high fructose corn syrup in my tomato paste! What the heck is soy flour? Hydrolized corn gluten, huh? It’s going in the trash.

The article ended with great tips but for an overall lifestyle change that can change your life & mostly eliminate sugar and your cravings for sweets– they would have served the reader to simply recommend the Cinch diet.



One thought on “Do we need Rehab for sugar?

  1. Love this post! I do better with cold turkey, but that doesn’t work for everyone. I firmly beleive that my elimination of sugar and checking labels made a huge impact in my success. Its scary how much sugar is in everything!!

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