Tuesday Weekly Weigh In

Here we go, our weight loss journey begins… My sisters and I are weighing in every week to keep each other motivated.

Weight Loss Results-Week 1:

  • Laura   -1.8 lbs    (Goal: 2 lb/week)
  • Kerry   +3.0 lbs   (Goal: 2.5 lb/week)
  • Cindy   -7.0 lbs    (Goal: 5 lb/week)

Somehow I didn’t realize that it was Memorial Day weekend when I started this.  Kerry texted me this picture of her cake from her weekend:



It may explain why she was off track this week. That and she is a single mother of 3, she just moved into a new house & she just started a new job.  Today is a new day and she is going to recommit to eating right and losing the weight.  We have a bikini to get into!


I also got off track & had McDonald’s french fries. I hadn’t had them in a year or so and my husband wanted to go through the drive thru on our way home from frisbee golf.  I asked for small fries and my hubby (sabotaging) decided I needed large fries. I got home and looked it up and I ate 500 calories of greasy food. Yuck. I actually felt sick to my stomach after. The next day I worked out for 2 hours & almost got to my 2 lb weight loss goal this week.  I’m slowly realizing that clean eating not only will help me get to my goal but I feel much better when I avoid greasy & sugary foods.  Click here to see calories at McD’s.


Cindy did awesome this week.  She is still on the HCG diet and lost 2 lbs more than her goal.  Her clothes are hanging and loose on her and I think that helps in motivating her to keep going.  She was craving Friendly’s sundaes last week and I suggested a Cinch tip to her.  A square of dark chocolate.  She loved the idea but I just got off the phone with her.  She had a very weak moment and feasted on Taco Bell & a chocolate cake.  She felt the same way (if not more) as I did about the fries.  She felt physically disgusted after and it seems her body does not take in sugar & salt like it used to.  When you go through a period of eating out a lot it seems as though you become addicted to all the added sugar and salt that restaurants add to food.  It’s important to recognize how great you feel eating clean.

How did my fellow Cinchers do?  Did the holiday weekend mess up your weight loss goal?  On to week 2…


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