Weekly Weigh-Ins

My 2 sisters and I are going to be doing weekly weigh ins. Who’s with us? It’s like biggest loser but without the cameras & prizes. We are planning a girl’s trip to Disney then Vegas the first week of August. My goal is to lose 20 lbs by then and my sisters would like to lose 50 lbs. It’s 10 weeks away. We can totally do this.

My sister started the HCG Diet last week and lost 8 lbs. You go to a dr. and get injections of hormones from pregnant women. (No pregnant women are harmed in the harvesting of these hormones) I actually don’t know where they get the hormones. It’s supposed to curb your hunger so you can eat just 500 calories a day. I don’t think I could survive on that. Here you can check out an article, HCG Article or a news clip about it here. The FDA approved it for infertility but not as a diet.

She goes every Tues to see the doctor and weighs in so I thought I’d join her in her weigh-ins. I do better when I have clear goals and benchmarks when I’m trying to succeed at something. Last year when I was selling real estate in Pennsylvania I set a goal of 4 million in sales and had it on my dry erase board by my office with my progress posted. I reached it in 7 months! I’m going to set that up on my dry erase board with my weight. It’s just 2 lbs a week.

Both of my sisters live in FL so we will be texting our progress to each other on Tues and I will post my progress here as well. I’m not sure if I’m brave enough to post my weight like my fellow cincher Rebecca does. Check out her blog here: http://rockytoprebecca.wordpress.com/ Should I do it? I’ll have to Tuesday to decide.

I bought a scale at Target yesterday for $20. I can’t believe I’ve never owned one. I’ve been on it about 8 times and update my husband on my fluctuations. I weighed our kitties, weighed my husband, I’ve converted my weight into stones…LAURA step away from the scale. Here, I even took a picture of it:

I’d love to hear if any of you have set goals and what strategies you have for achieving those goals. If you’d like to join us in our weekly weigh ins post your progress in the comment section. I’m very excited! The first weigh in is Tues May 24th. Ok, off to see how many kg I weigh.


8 thoughts on “Weekly Weigh-Ins

  1. How exciting! A new challenge for you… The scale is actually one of my best friends. I weigh myself every morning after I wake up. When I see it rise up and down each day (because it always does!), it motivates me to eat well for the day. Lately I’ve been incredibly busy that I haven’t had time to blog, but I’d love to join you for your weigh ins on Tuesdays.

    I have a friend who had tremendous success on the HCG Diet. She lost around 40-50 lbs in a few months…

  2. Hi. I’m definitley a fan of weigh-ins (obviously) as they create accountability in a public forum! However, I’m not a fan of weighing in more than once a week, simply because it can be de-flating if it doesn’t go down, and sometimes it won’t no matter how well you’re doing. For example, I stepped on the scale this morning (5 days before my Friday weigh-in) and was up a pound. I’m quite sure it’s just bloat from a bad meal yesterday, but nonetheless, it made me frustrated to start my week. Those are my thoughts, but I do think you’ll benefit from posting a weekly weigh-in!

  3. Laura-when you texted me about this weightloss venture the other day I realized a few things…1-the pressure is on me & I MUST do well!!…2a,b,c&d-I just moved into a new place, started a new job, this is the last week of school for my kids & it’s almost “that time” of the month for me!!!…And 3-I don’t even own a scale!! Now, reading that would lead you to believe that I am sabotaging myself….doomed b4 I even start. The truth is, I’m totally up for the challenge….to quote the wise and savvy words of a Miss Kirsten Dunst-BRING IT! Dude, I’ve got Vegas coming up!!! : ) I am committed to getting these last 25-30lbs off!! So, to make a short story long, I will be going out 2moro to purchase a DAMN scale! I will weigh myself then purge, wipe my tears, push my shoulders back, hold my head high & text you my weight. Jennifer Hudson, Sara LaRue and Jordan Sparks got NUTTIN on me!!!

  4. I weighed in today and I have lost 11 pounds in 13 days. Actually it’s 11 days because the first two days on the diet aren’t “technically” diet days. So, 11 pounds in 11 days! Fat girls of the world unite!!

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