I’m a Weekday Warrior

Man, I really blow all my weekday efforts on the weekends when it comes to dieting & exercising.  The past month I’ve been a weekday warrior but come Friday night it’s a slippery slope and I have been a weekend waverer.  Just like Rebecca Black says (http://youtu.be/CD2LRROpph0) You gotta get down on Friday!  (It’s such a bad song but sometimes it does make me want to shake my moneymaker.)  That’s what we do.  Cut loose, have fun and enjoy our weekend.  Fun, fun, fun, fun.

Ok, ok, back to the problem.  It’s gorgeous outside now in Kansas City with vibrant green grass and clear blue skies.  So, my husband & I have been heading to restaurants with outdoor patios and having some delicious adult beverages.  I try to order small plates, appetizers or eat half of my dinner to watch my calories.  But then, my husband gets a dessert to go.  And in my tipsy weakness and against my better judgement I indulge later that night.  Ugh.  It gets worse.  We do it again on Saturday night.  Then Sunday I’m too lazy to grocery shop so we order take out.  I’ve been losing weight but not as much as it should be due to my bad weekend habits.

I have been really good during the week.  I’m mostly staying on track with the Cinch diet.  I have my shelf of dark chocolate, nuts, beans & dried fruit when I need something quick.  I’ve stepped up my exercise, and good thing I do the way my weekends have been going.  I try to do an hour on the treadmill 4-5 times a week.  Also, I do some yoga as much as I can.

What’s the solution?  Is it just lack of self-control?


2 thoughts on “I’m a Weekday Warrior

  1. Hi. Don’t worry – we all go through that. Yes, I think for some of us, it’s lack of self-control. We go out to eat and we want to enjoy ourselves, not choose one of the few healthy options. For me, the solution is to limit eating out and not putting myself in that position, but that’s not always possible. There are certain restaurants we like becuase we know they have tasty healthy options, and I often don’t even look at the menu so I can’t be tempted to get something else. Of course, we all need a good greasy, sugary meal every now and then. I’ve actaully read that a cheat meal can be good for you on a diet because your body is shocked by the sudden burst of calories and is reminded that you’re not in starvation mode. Anyway, don’t stress, just start fresh right now. I have a great quote taped to my bathroom mirror – “you can’t go back and make a new start, but you can start right now and make a new end”. Have a great weekend.

    • Thanks Rebecca, that’s great advice & a great quote. I like how you don’t look at the menu. That’s smart. The cheat meal makes sense. I had greasy Pizza Hut pizza in the beginning of Cinch and it grossed me out and I haven’t ordered out Pizza since.

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