Healthy Cinco de Mayo

I love Mexican food. It’s great for a vegetarian because there are so many options. The tacos in Cinch are some of my favorite recipes: black bean, avocado & pineapple. The problem I was having was the wasted avocado. You use 1/4 of an avocado on the tacos. So the rest of it would brown in my frig before I could use it. Second problem was the corn tortillas easily fell apart.

My Solution? Substitute olive oil for the avocado as the healthy fat and fry up those corn tortillas!


It crisps them up and so yummy. I then put them between paper towels to get off the excess oil and heat them up with cheese in the oven.

Here’s the black bean tacos.


The final product with a little smokey chipotle hot sauce.


I love it and I’ve done this with pineapple and feta tacos and they taste like dessert.


9 thoughts on “Healthy Cinco de Mayo

  1. Great idea Laura!
    I also crisp my tortillas by spraying them & my pan with olive oil PAM using a hot non-stick fry pan. And it stops them from falling apart.
    By the way, my husband always helps me eat that leftover avocado. It’s his favorite
    (He eats everything I eat).
    I did get a break from cooking today and had lunch at Don Pablo’s restaurant. They have charro beans (pinto) that are better than re-fried and not salty and a delicious spinach and poblano pepper enchilada. I love to eat Mexican and there are so many veggie options. Yes, I do feel better because I no longer eat red meat. Cheese, yogurt, fish, shrimp and chicken are my most common proteins, but I eat far more veggie versions of my favorite foods since Cinch! Happy Cinco de Mayo!

    • I’ll have to try the Pam. My hubby doesn’t do avocado unless they are in the Cheesecake Factory’s Avocado Eggrolls. If you haven’t try them I wouldn’t. You will be addicted and I’m sure they are full of fat and calories. That’s so great you eat the same things. It must be so much easier for dinner planning.

      I used to love Don Pablo’s when I lived in Atlanta many years ago. I remember their spinach and poblano enchilada. They had good chips and salsa as well. I haven’t seen them in Kansas City.

      • Just got an email from Houlihan’s Restaurant about new skinny drinks (alcoholic). Less than 125 calories each and there are 5 restaurants in KC. Here’s the drink menu:
        And, just like your Skinny Girl Margaritas – Applebee’s has a 100 calorie Skinny Bee Margarita on their menu.
        Do you think I’m ready for summer? I rarely drink wine anymore and am totally off beer, so I must be cravin’ the hard stuff suddenly. Cheers!

  2. Yum! I never thougth of frying them, but I do hate how the tortillas fall apart. Also, I LOVE Cheecake Factory’s Avocado Eggrolls! Thanks for sharing the calories though… it will help kill the cravings.

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