A new lunch spot at Noodles & Co

I had a wonderful, filling lunch today at only 510 calories.


It’s The Veggie Med sandwich with a cup of their Tomato Bisque from Noodles & Co. It’s not perfectly Cinch but its close. The soup is good. It’s not my favorite tomato soup but the sandwich is so yummy. It comes on a warm flatbread with mushrooms, spinach, red pepper, cucumber, red onion, cilantro, feta & this Delish med dressing. I don’t like mushrooms so I left those out. Everything is customizable and they sauté it to order. You have to try it. They also have a really good passion fruit unsweetened ice tea. It’s counter service and they bring it out to you when it is ready. The manager brought out mine and was so nice, introduced himself and spoke to me a little while. There’s no tipping and you don’t have to clean up after yourselves.

Another fantastic thing I love about this restaurant is they have 15 vegetarian dishes. I’m lucky to have one entree available at a restaurant when I eat out (especially in Kansas City).

You would think I owned the place by how much I love it. I just feel it serves a need for a healthy place to get a quick lunch. I can’t go to Panera every day. Has anyone eaten here before?


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