Grilled Cheese & Salad


Last night I used fresh whole grain bread from Whole Foods with tomato, basil & the most delicious mozzarella to make a delicious grilled cheese. I also made a caprese salad to get my veggies in. One of my favorite meals.


5 thoughts on “Grilled Cheese & Salad

  1. I’ve had Caprese ciabatta sandwiches two days in a row this week. They are addicting!
    Plus, the basil doesn’t keep long in the refrigerator. Wish we had a Whole Foods here in Northwest Indiana. It’s my favorite place to shop when I visit my cousin in Overland Park, KS. Thanks for the inspiring tasty dishes! Have you ever roasted asparagus in the oven? I tried it for the first time on Sunday – WOW!

    • Love roasted asparagus. How did you cook it? I use olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper. Then top with parmesan cheese out of the oven. We actually grilled it last summer and it was wonderful.

      • I made it exactly like you did, but added dried herbs (basil rosemary & thyme). Looking forward to fresh herbs from my summer garden. I also just bought a new Calphalon stove-top round grill pan and a Bobby Flay grill topper to grill veggies outdoors. Great new way for me to make veggies the highlight of the meal. Since Cinch! – I’ve had no beef or pork since Jan 1, and even though I have always enjoyed my veggies, these changes have brought more inspirational opportunities to light.

  2. Susan that is awesome. Do you feel any different cutting out the beef & pork? I stopped eating meat just because the idea of eating animals disgusted me. Not for health or any other reason. Grilled vegetables are one of my absolute favorites. I have a indoor grill pan that covers 2 burners so I can do veggies on one side and meat for my husband far away from my veggies. I also have a grill topper I use for asparagus and tomatoes on the grill. Can’t wait for summer!

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