Getting off track on a diet

Cynthia Sass, the author of Cinch, posted the following on her facebook page:

 If you have found yourself off track please don’t beat yourself up but try to ID what triggered you (emotions, rebellion, not planning ahead…) and ask yourself, “If you had a ‘do over’ what would I do differently if anything and why?”

This is so true.  There are so many times that I added extra olive oil or overindulged in my daily chocolate escape or ate greasy chips.  I get so mad at myself and what she is telling us is to turn it around and figure out a way to avoid these times of weakness.  There is no positive reason to run these little slips over and over in our head.

I have a specific time each day that I can easily slip on the diet.  It is being in the kitchen at night about 30-40 minutes before dinner and I’m cleaning and prepping for dinner.  I am in my kitchen and in my pantry or fridge with all this food and it’s been almost 5 hrs since my last meal.  I get hunger pains and the visual of seeing food in my kitchen makes my hunger much worse.  So, I reach for something to get rid of the hunger.

If the 5 day fast forward has taught us anything it’s that you can get through the hunger pains.  So, I’ve been working on convincing myself that on the other side of those hunger pains is a great healthy meal with colorful food that will fill me up and keep me healthy and feeling great.  I have been trying to refocus my mind on the bigger picture and what these foods are doing for my body.  I have not been sick once with a cold or flu since I started this diet!  I have to again go back to how I felt on the fast forward phase and remember that feeling hunger is a normal and healthy response my body is having and to embrace it and know that I can handle it and conquer it.  Why would I choose greasy chips when this is waiting for me?  (By the way, I’ve been doing stir fry in coconut oil.  So delish!)


One thought on “Getting off track on a diet

  1. Stir fry looks gorgeous. I saw Cynthia’s FB post, and the rebellion thing is the only possibility that I could come up with for my crazy eating lately. Totally agree that right before dinner is a big danger zone for me.

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