Today is a new day

Last week I did pretty well on my Cinch! Diet.  My sister was here for 4 days and I was able to stick to the diet for the most part.  We were very active and did lots of things:  museums, movies, Princess Diana exhibit, zoo & visiting the local parks. 

Updated:  Here’s Diana’s dress that I snuck a picture of even though it says no pictures.  I’m a rule breaker.

It was such a great time and we did a lot of walking.  I rarely see her.  So yesterday when she asked me to go to Cheesecake Factory with her and split a cheesecake how could I refuse?  And it wasn’t any cheesecake it was a chocolate ganache cheesecake.  I enjoyed every lovely minute of eating it too!  Wouldn’t you?  Here it is in all it’s gloriousness!

So, today we begin again.  It’s Sunday and my husband told me earlier in the week that he’d like to try the diet!!!  I’m excited but now I have to plan, shop and make 8 meals a day.  I’m working on my grocery list next.  This is going to be a big change for him.  He is a meat & potato eater and never eats breakfast unless it’s Sunday morning with scrapple, eggs and toast.  I’m excited that he sees the difference and progress in me and wants to give it a try.  I’m going to try the seafood recipes for him so he doesn’t miss the red meat.  I never cook seafood so this will be a challenge for me this week.  I’ll keep you posted!


2 thoughts on “Today is a new day

  1. I LOVE Cheesecake Factory! I would have totally splurged as well! My meatitarian husband has been doing some of the Cinch meals with me, although he could not do Detox since he doesn’t like spinach, plain yogurt, or raspberries. Hopefully your husband is not as picky as mine! I don’t like making double-meals, so instead I find ways to modify them so he’ll like them. Such as tonight, I’m having pineapple avocado tacos, and I’ll sub his avocado with chicken.

  2. Yes, that’s what I plan on doing. I’m going to make the Salmon Ginger Rice Bowl and sub tofu for me tomorrow. I agree, no way he would do the detox. We’ll see how he does on the core (that is, how long he lasts).

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