Last week was not so Cinchy

So, I cheated a lot last week.  I finished my 2 day fast on the Cinch diet last week.  I only cheated once on the fast and had a coffee with 2% milk in the afternoon of day 2.  The next day we went out to dinner.  I had half of a lentil burger on a wheat bun which wasn’t a big splurge on my diet but the 2 onion rings dipped in ranch dressing and 3 beers were.  Ugh!!!  Then the past week I’ve done about 70% on the cinch diet and 30% off the diet.  I was able to get on the treadmill three times.  I couldn’t sleep one night and had potato chips.  Boy did I regret that.  I felt gross and bloated after.  Then I had white bread 2 times and 2% milk instead of skim.  Oh and chips and salsa.  I didn’t gain any weight but did not lose any either.

So, Monday is a new day and I will stick to this diet and not veer off course or cheat here and there.  It’s going to be difficult since my sister is visiting this weekend but I’ll do my best.  If I stick on it all week then I’m allowing myself one splurge out to dinner with my sister.  Bathing suit season is very close and I’d love to look great in a bikini.  Come on cinchers let’s get motivated and stick with it so our abs look like this!


5 thoughts on “Last week was not so Cinchy

  1. Alcohol is dangerous. Lowers those inhibitions and makes it that much harder to stay away from the chili cheese fries. 😀

    I don’t know anything about that diet, but from a calorie standpoint it doesn’t look like you did any damage.

    Just brush yourself off and make better choices when the sis is in town. Easier said than done.

    My birthday is tomorrow, but I’ve just started Atkins again so I’ve told everyone that I either need an Atkins type meal or we need to wait a month for a cheat day.

    Seems most wanted to wait, but my mother is cooking steaks and salad for tomorrow night.

    I digress. 😀

    Have a great week and don’t worry I am sure you will do fine this weekend.

    The Grumpy Man

    • Ooh, cheese fries sounds great. You should check out the cinch diet. It’s a balanced diet that’s easy to stick with if you have the time to prepare most of your food. Good luck and congrats on the weight loss.

  2. Looks like I’m not the only one who fell off the Cinch wagon! I miss beer. Haven’t had one in quite awhile. (But her abs look awesome, and they are definitely some motivation to keep on eating healthy!)

  3. geeese. I am soooo lucky.. i have a high body matabolims and i just burn up the food Still go the 6 pack lfat stocmach and i cycle and walk each day.. But i must say fro my age im in fantasitc shape compared to other guys my age WHY becuse i dont drink dont smoke do not do drugs… The sun and water is my drug… and i ALWAYS USE my own stun mix of 30 plud sun screen with cocco nut oil Hi yarr I been sunbaking every week for 20 years and i use 30 plus with cocconut oil mix and ive never had any skin cancer I go to the beach most weekends.. I just lovvve to pull on one of my tight thongs and oil up with a thicckkk coating of coconut oil to enjot the wamrth of the sun and the simple pleasure of lying round in in ultra tight very little… so sooo invigorting to strip down and just wear one of my gs… enjoy the invigoratign rays … keep up the happy life… stay well and happy ok.. its true im a hedonist and exhibonist … but i have to few experiences i life feel as good as a g.. Interesting thing you can be hedonist and still be an old fahioned gentleman.. and depsite what some people say, women lovvvvve thongs on guys…. it lets them see the real estate LOL

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