Homemade Truffles-Cinch style of course!

I finally made the truffles.  I decided on the peppercorn truffles on page 148 of Cinch!

Here I was preparing.  I used 70% dark chocolate chunks rather than semisweet.  This is the first time I’ve heard of or even have seen coconut oil.  It smells SO good.  I’m wondering what other dishes I can make with this.  The microwave method of melting was easy for this recipe.  Here it is after all the ingredients are mixed.

Next it says to round them in your hands in 5 uniform sized pieces.  It was way too sticky to  use my hands and way too difficult to get them uniform.   So this is what they looked like on my parchment paper. 

After 20 minutes in the frig they were easy to pop off the parchment paper and I enjoyed my first Cinch! truffle.  I liked it but wasn’t crazy over it.  I’ll make it again.  It’s a bit like a reece’s cup with the chocolate and almond butter with a touch of that yummy coconut taste.  I wonder if it would work with all coconut oil and no almond butter.  I’m looking forward to the citrus zest truffles next.


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