My 4 meals for my fast

I completed my first day of my 2 day fast.  It was a challenge.  I missed carbs very much.  You go through this fast with a dull feeling of hunger, constant hunger.  It’s slightly uncomfortable but I think you learn that it’s really not that bad to feel slight hunger.  It’s not going to kill you and you can get through this.  My stomach was much smaller by the end of the day but it was rumbling.

I modified the fast this time like I did when I completed the 5 day fast forward in early January.  I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t like eggs (unless in brownies or cakes) & not a huge fan of scrambled tofu.

Breakfast:  Modified Parfait instead of scramble.  Nonfat yogurt, nonfat cottage cheese, fresh raspberries, almonds, ton of cinnamon, vanilla extract & fresh mint.

I found a cinnamon at Whole Foods which I love.  It’s sweeter and better than any cinnamon I’ve tried before.  Vietnamese Cinnamon, who knew that they had fabulous cinnamon in Vietnam.  I wanted my husband to try it and I made him toast spread with honey butter sprinkled with this cinnamon.  He was in love.  I cannot describe to you how hard it is to make a nonfat parfait and this delicious toast for him at the same time.  I didn’t even sneak a taste.

Smoothie:  I made this as directed.  I added vanilla extract, cinnamon & nutmeg. 

Salad:  Spinach, Arugula, fresh Raspberries, Almonds, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, parmesan cheese, basil, oregano

I had to add arugula because it’s difficult to get through 2 cups of spinach.  I don’t eat egg so I added parmesan cheese and olive oil. 

Parfait:  I also made this as directed with vanilla extract and a lot of cinnamon.

I used a lot more vanilla extract & cinnamon during this fast compared to the last fast I completed.  It really made a difference in the taste.  My advice is to really overdo it on the spices.  You won’t taste the sour yogurt at all.  You just taste sweet raspberries and spices.


2 thoughts on “My 4 meals for my fast

  1. The cinnamon is SO good. It was hard. I was lightheaded and hungry but you do appreciate food so much more the next day. I was so excited for a whole grain frozen waffle. I did cheat once and had coffee with 2% milk. I read your blog and I did have trouble concentrating as well.

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