Getting Ready for a 2 day fast!

Here we go again…I completed the Cinch! 5 day fast forward over a month ago.  I remember telling myself, “It’s only 5 days & I can do anything for 5 days”.  It was challenging, I was hungry but it made me feel great in the end.  I’m having anxiety about it this time.  Can I do it?  When I get really hungry will I go to my chocolate stash? 

Then I realized I’m choosing to look at these 2 days, and many times my life, with fear and worry.  What a waste of time.  I did this for 5 days with complete success.  I will do this again for just 2 days.  While I will reset my body with this cleanse I look forward to resetting my mind from fear to confidence.


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for a 2 day fast!

  1. Hi. Why only 2 days? Just curious. I definitely plan to use the Cinch detox / cleanse every couple of months going forward. It was pretty easy by comparison and loved the way I felt afterwards!

  2. I really like food! I was ready to challenge myself & 2 days seemed reasonable. I liked doing it for 5 days to clean my palate and get rid of cravings for sweets & salts. I still feel like my cravings are gone so I don’t need 5 days. Also, I’m not in a huge rush to lose weight.

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