Time to roll out the yoga mat!

I’m not a morning person.  I really would like to be.  I have fantasies of bouncing out of bed, excitedly putting on my tennis shoes & work out clothes, grabbing a water and getting on the treadmill.  It’s never happened.  I enjoy waking up playing angry birds on my iphone in bed, throwing on my uggs, getting coffee & wasting time on the internet.

So, I’ve decided that doing a slow 10 min yoga session when I wake up is doable.  It only delays my coffee by 10 minutes and there’s no bouncing or tennis shoes required.  I used to go to a 11am yoga class every Monday morning before we moved.  I’ve really missed it and it’s been about 4 months with no yoga.  After this morning, I forgot how good the cat pose and side stretch feels!  I think I can stick with this.

I am planning on doing a quick 2 day stretch of the fast forward phase.  I have an event tomorrow night so it will be on Wed & Thurs.  I’m headed to Whole Foods today…spinach, raspberries…here goes nothing.


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