What was I thinking?

After 30 days of eating entirely whole foods in a very clean and balanced way I ate a couple of slices of a very greasy pan pizza.  And I don’t think the onions & peppers topping the pizza put this in the whole foods category. 

I had taken 3 days off from the diet and about 50% of what I ate during the 3 days was on the cinch diet.  My splurges included a delicious mocha latte with whipped cream at Nordstrom Cafe (I got a small), red wine & chocolate lava cake at our anniversary dinner & butter on popcorn but nothing made me feel like utter crap like that pizza did.  5 minutes after I devoured it I felt so sick and like the grease was just coating my entire stomach.  It’s amazing that something I used to love so much repulsed me.  What was it?  Have my taste buds changed?  Does my body now reject this type of food?

Whatever is the reason I’m happy about it and I know I won’t be ordering pizza again.  Well, I should never say never.


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