Day 15: The Cinch! Diet

  • Cappuccino with skim milk, Dark Chocolate Oatmeal (P. 101)
  • Chickpea & Red Quinoa Lettuce Wraps (P. 134)
  • Piece of Chocolate
  • Turkey & Wild Rice-Stuffed Peppers (P. 125)
  • Pineapple Avocado Tacos (P. 110)
  • 30 minutes walking on the treadmill

Oh my, oh my, oh my…dark chocolate oatmeal is just so decadent in the morning.  I took a cup of water with 1/4 cup of dry oats and simmered it for 10 minutes then added ghiradelli chocolate chips.  I didn’t have any yogurt so I ate the oatmeal with brie & raspberries sprinkled with cinnamon for my fruit & protein puzzle pieces.

I’m now plotting some way to make every meal with chocolate.  It’s easy with the fruit but I’ll have to give some serious consideration to the best way to mix chocolate with vegetables.

I had the leftovers from the day before for the lettuce wraps and had those again today.  For dinner, I made my husband the turkey stuffed peppers and for me I subbed out monterey jack cheese for the turkey.  This was so good.  I didn’t have celery so I used extra onion & carrot.  After the fast forward I had had my fill of spinach and only put a little in the mix.  But with olive oil and the sweet sauteed onion and carrots it was really good.  My veggie peppers are on the left and my mix really cooked down.

The pineapple avocados are becoming my favorite.  The sweet of the pineapple and the saltiness of the feta is so good together.  I made my husband 2 of them as well last night but added some grilled chicken for him.  He also enjoyed both meals last night but I do have to let you know, he’s really not picky.

I’m going to try and write a 2 week recap today.  Hopefully, I don’t lose electricity during the blizzard.


2 thoughts on “Day 15: The Cinch! Diet

  1. The pineapple avocado tacos are one of my favorites too! I would never have thought of that combination of pineapple, avocado, and feta cheese, but I’m really glad I discovered it. Have you had any problem with your corn tortillas falling apart? The last few times I’ve made anything with the tortillas, I’ve made mine first, then assembled my husband’s, and by the time I eat mine a few minute later, the tortilla is getting a little soggy and falls apart. It still tastes great, but becomes quite messy!

  2. Rebecca, I use the refrigerated corn tortillas from whole foods. Do you heat them up? I put them in the oven with the feta quickly and crisp them up but not too long or they get brittle. Also, drain the pineapples really well. The first time I made them the pineapples made the tortillas soggy.

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