Day 14: The Cinch! Diet

I did not get on the treadmill today.  I took the day off.  I made the smoothie again but it wasn’t as good because the banana wasn’t frozen.  It wasn’t thick enough even with ice.  Here it is and please excuse the Redskins cup, my husband will not give up on them as his team.  I’ve tried for years to get him to switch to the Ravens.

For lunch I didn’t have quinoa so I substituted with a whole grain white rice.  I really liked this meal and I added some dill to the recipe which I liked with the lemon.

I didn’t care for this rice and prefer whole grain brown rice and will stick with that.  The chickpeas are leftover from when I made the hummus.  I also threw in some chopped red pepper that I had.

My husband wanted to order pizza and I knew that would have been a very bad idea for me.  I love pizza so much and I was having an emotional weekend.  So, I told him I had a box of Chef Boyardee pizza kit.  My plan was to make him a pizza and then make my Cinch Pizza.  The last pita in the pantry had mold on it.  So, I used the pizza dough for my pizza but followed the rest of the recipe.  I made a salad with the lettuce, some of the tomato & balsamic vinegar while the pizza was cooking.

We sat down to eat and my husband took one look at my toppings and I could see he was jealous.  I told him it was my “diet” food but I don’t think he believed me.  Looking at his now it does look pretty crappy.

For the snack I had an orange, almonds, cracker and cheese.  I couldn’t sleep and stayed up late last night watching Downton Abbey, a great British show on PBS.  I was craving something so I had another piece of cheese late last night.  I’ll have do another post about emotional eating soon.  I went back this morning and reread Chapter 8.


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