Day 4: The Cinch! Diet

  • Coffee with half & half, Waffle with cottage cheese, cinnamon, almonds, kiwi & dried cranberries
  • Edamame Cashew Ginger Stir Fry (P. 133)
  • Piece of Chocolate
  • Edamame Cashew Ginger Stir Fry (P. 133)
  • Snack WG cracker with slice of cheese, almonds & dried blueberries
  • 45 minutes walking on the treadmill

I was so excited to try the french toast recipe and I got everything ready and realized I had no eggs.  So it was a delicious waffle for me again.  Again, I did an extra 15 min of walking to enjoy my half & half.

I tried a new recipe and had it for lunch and dinner, the Edamame Cashew Ginger Stir Fry.  This is SO filling I only ate half of it during dinner.  I would recommend making double and having it for dinner then lunch the next day.  The other recommendation is to make extra SASS sauce.  I found it dry and I made extra and put it over the dish.  I had never cooked with edamame or red cabbage before so it was fun to experiment.  For my husband, who is not dieting and not a vegetarian, I marinated chicken in the SASS sauce overnight and added soy sauce.  He really liked it and commented on the slight citrus taste.

The author, Cynthia Sass, had a twitter party last night.  Apparently, it was her first and it was mine as well.  I was watching the twitter party while watching a live stream of some podcasters on the new Disney Dream cruise ship and also facebooking.  Meanwhile, my husband wanted me to come down and watch the Thurs night shows with him.  I’m thinking who needs human contact?  I learned 2 great tips from the twitter party:  freeze citrus, zest & mint in ice cubes and add it to your drinks (LOVE THIS & TOTALLY DOING IT TODAY) & you can do PF Changs Buddha’s Feast steamed with tofu & brown rice for a vegetarian meal out.

Here are some great tweets from the author last night:

  1. -Skipping meals means your metabolism slows down & you burn fewer calories doing ANYTHING
  2. -Regularly timed meals=no energy slumps & temptations to reach for processed stuff
  3. -Breakfast daily=revved up metabolism, no breakfast=summo wrestler strategy for weight gain, no lie
  4. -New research shows sodium may impact how fat cells act & make it easier for them to get bigger!
  5. -Skin cells only live 30 days so when you transform your meals you can see a difference pretty quick
  6. -The plan based puzzle piece, fat slows the emptying of your stomach so you feel fuller longer
  7. -1 tsp cinnamon packs as much antioxidants as a half cup of blueberries
  8. -Vitamin C in citrus juice and zest burn more fat at rest and during exercise
  9. -Oregano has more antioxidants than sweet potato! Potent stuff!

Check out her facebook page at


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