Day 1: The Cinch! Diet

We had friends over for the weekend so I went off the diet after my fast last week.  I didn’t go overboard with food but enough so that I was excited for the diet to start.  We went to Raglan Road and I had to have potato & leek soup and man was it worth it.  So yummy.  Anyways, back to the diet.  As I said before, I tried to repeat meals so that food wouldn’t go to waste.  Here are my meals for Monday Jan 17th:

  • Breakfast: Coffee with half & half & 1 whole grain waffle, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1 tsp ginger, 1 cup raspberries, 2 tbs walnuts (found it on Shape’s website about Cinch)
  • Snack: Cranberry Parmesan Herbed Popcorn (P. 107)
  • Dinner: Cinch! Caesar Salad (P. 118)
  • Later Dinner: Gooda & Onion Salad (P. 117)
  • Chocolate chips after Dinner
  • 32 walking on treadmill

I didn’t feel like skim milk with my coffee so I splurged with half and half.  I substitued the waffle recipe with different nuts and fruit.  It doesn’t look that pretty but was really good and the waffle is filling.

The popcorn was SO good.  Santa brought us a Cuisinart Popcorn maker so it was really easy.  It was so much popcorn that I checked the book and the Cinch website to see if I made a mistake.  It was so filling it was difficult to finish.

The Caesar salad again was so good.  I prefaced it to my husband as a diet version of Caesar Salad and he loved it.  Although, I did add chicken to his.  The recipe says to add the parmesan cheese on top but I mixed it with the olive oil and lemon juice.  Also, I used a high quality parmesan.  Again, SO good.

I was surprised I liked the Gouda and onion salad.  Just be sure to saute the onions enough so they are sweet.

Overall, I was surprised how filling all the meals were.  Be sure to measure everything!  It’s easy to eat too much.


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